New Women's Program Starting in June 2018

ETRS is happy to announce that we will be starting a woman’s only program in our Taylor location. We currently run this program in our Pontiac Office. We have received such great feedback that we are now expanding the program to our Taylor Office.

We have noticed over the years that the women attending the Outpatient Substance Abuse Program have a high unsuccessful termination rate. A lot of this may be due to them being intimidated in the group which is mainly made up of men. Because a lot of women have experienced some sort of trauma in their life associated with men, we believe this to be a huge factor in the inability to successfully complete the program.

Since we started the woman’s only group in our Pontiac Office, the success rate there has increased significantly. The fact that these women can talk openly about their experiences is so helpful that they actually look forward to their group sessions and they get the support from the facilitator and the other women in the program that they need.

W.I.S.H. (Women's Intervention and Support Hour)

The Focus of this Program

• Relapse prevention through cognitive skill building
• Identifying relapse triggers
• Recognizing and building support systems
• Development of a “client plan” to avoid relapse
• Life-Balancing skills
• Enhancing Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
•Tools to Reduce Relapse and Recidivism

Who to Refer?

• Clients with substance abuse and/or co-occurring issues
• Clients experiencing relapse issues
• Women who have experienced trauma
• Women who have experienced domestic violence issues
• Women at risk for relapse or recidivism

Program Specifics

The W.I.S.H. Program consists of 14 (1.5 hour) group sessions, a case plan appointment, a case plan review halfway through the program, and an exit appointment upon completion.

Cost: $150 due at enrollment, this covers the intake assessment, case plan, case plan review and exit appointment. Plus $25 per week for the 14 weekly group sessions.